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Welcome to my website. I am a writer and teacher. Thank you for looking, Nina

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07854 372633

07854 372633

Nina MacPherson BSc PGCE MEd MA

Writer and Tutor



2003 onwards

Nina began writing short stories and witty ditties for her own enjoyment. She attended events run by the Betjeman and Larkin societies at Magdalen, Oxford. This inspired her to develop her fiction writing whilst teaching full-time and running a large faculty in a comprehensive school in Bristol. In 2008 she applied for voluntary redundancy to concentrate on her writing.


Nina attended creative writing classes and became a member of ‘The Scribblers’ writers’ group. She and a friend – a published author – regrouped and formed ‘Brasserie Writers’ – meeting in Green Park Brasserie, Bath, on a monthly basis.


With great excitement Nina learned she had been accepted for a place on the prestigious MA in Creative Writing course at Bath Spa University. Classes held at the beautiful Corsham Court were a far cry from her early days as a novice teacher at the other end of town, teaching special needs pupils in badly heated huts! She became a student rep for the MA course and donated prizes for the student party raffle.


Nina began her blog and participated in private and public readings. She read from ‘The Inspection’ for comic effect, ‘The Keys to Heaven’ - which was well received as an historical piece - and ‘Single File’, described by a fellow writer as disturbing. To promote ‘The Keys to Heaven’ Nina created a display covering the years 1918-1939 at the Creative Work Open Evening, a public event, for BSU students. This was held at the Museum of Bath at Work and she read from ‘The Keys to Heaven’ which received comments such ‘…I love the historical detail…’ and ‘…A great period to be writing about…’ ‘…Love the setting…’

She went on to co-ordinate the inaugural meeting of the MA CW Anthology team. ‘A Cache’ can be found on the issuu website. ‘Brasserie Writers’ expanded its membership to include works by a playwright and joined the National Association of Writer’s Groups (NAWG).


At a creative evening Nina read from ‘My Friend from Sierra Leone’ incorporating the beat of an SL djembe drum. The story is reminiscent of Lakka, Freetown.


Following a further reading Nina was thrilled to have Kylie Fitzpatrick  (The Ninth Stone) as her writing mentor and editor. Following redrafts Nina again read from 'Coming of Age' - which has since been retitled as 'The Keys to Heaven’ - at a reading in Bristol. She is currently writing a sequel, set in the years 1939 – 1948.  It examines new opportunities for women during the war years together with diary entries from the male protagonists serving in El Alamein, D-Day and other major battles, and the establishment of the NHS.


Nina has been selling cards and fund-raising for the Ebola Fund – Sierra Leone – and the new cancer unit in Bath. These promotions were at sales of her husband’s art (watercolour, gouache and acrylic) at Larkhall Open Studios and other sales. Richard’s work can be seen at

Nina's Calendars, Cards & Creations

Nina organising a reading in 2016

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